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Been diagnosed with an STI? We can send an email or SMS text message to let your sexual partner(s) know they may have been exposed and how to get tested.

You don’t need to provide your name or contact details to use this free and confidential service.

Note: If you work for a sexual health organisation or service, and are using this service for contact tracing or partner notifications, please contact us before filling in the requests.


Use this service for legitimate purposes only and consider the implications to the recipient. Under Australian law, the use of a telecommunication service to menace or harass is a criminal offence.




Step 1

Enter the details of your sexual partner(s) to be notified.

Step 2

Select the STI(s) you've been diagnosed with and we'll notify your sexual partner(s) to get tested.

Step 3

Let us know if you'd like your name to appear in the message or not.

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Thank you for letting your sexual partner(s) know they need to get tested.
They will be sent a notification.