For Clinicians


There are three STI testing resources that have been produced for clinicians:


1. STI Testing Tool


2. STI Testing Guidelines for Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)
     (Updated April 2014)


3. Do It Yourself Anal Swab brochure



Partner notification is an important part of the management of patients diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This site offers online partner notification for men who have sex with men through the Let Him Know service. This can be done either through SMS or email, and can be anonymous if they wish.


This can be done during the consultation if possible, or alternatively there are Drama Downunder patient cards you can give to your patients to let them know about this service.


There are also other materials that are part of the Drama Downunder. This includes a handy pocket-sized STI booklet that can be given to patients.


These and other materials such as posters for consult rooms or reception areas are all available from your local AIDS Council. Please see the Contacts section of this website for details.